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Straight-Line Construction has years of experience helping people across Suffolk County with top-of-the-line bathroom remodeling. Through our years of service, we have come to understand the ins and outs of the process. For your convenience, we would like to share some tips if you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom.

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Tips For Remodeling A Bathroom

With our years of experience in the field, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge. This insight can help with nearly any sort of bathroom remodeling project. Homes across Suffolk County have benefited from our unparalleled bathroom remodeling ability. Below are some tips to help get you started.

Have a Plan

Don't go into any bathroom remodeling project without planning it out first. This can be either on your own or with a professional. Hiring a professional to help may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, but it is a sound decision in the long run. You may not have the experience required to fully think about the task at hand. The experts contractors at Straight-Line are perfect examples of people you can trust during the planning process.

Don't Change the Plumbing

Using the existing plumbing can save you tons of money when planning for a bathroom remodeling project. Moving plumbing fixtures around can cost you thousands of dollars. That money be saved and allocated for other areas if you keep them where they are at the moment. This concept also works hand-in-hand with the planning process, as it is vital to plan to keep those fixtures where they are, instead of moving them elsewhere.

One simple way to spruce up the bathroom in lieu of moving your toilet seat is to give it a quick remake. Consider replacing your toilet seat and lid instead of the whole toilet and/or moving the toilet. Perhaps that easy fix gives your toilet a new look that will complement the rest of the bathroom. It is always wise to think about saving money when you can, as these remodeling projects can become pricey.

Bargain Buying

Buying new furniture is always an expensive endeavor. You can save loads of money by bargain hunting. Antique stores, flea markets and auctions are a great place to start when searching for deals. There are all sorts of items you can find to help you with your bathroom remodeling project. Scour the internet too, but purchasing in-person may be wiser. That way you can see for yourself the state of the piece you are interested in purchasing. 

Tile Alternatives

An all-tile bathroom can be expensive and time-consuming. Considering alternatives, such as wood panels, wood boards, or bead boards can leave the walls of your new bathroom looking great. Wood does require more maintenance down the road, but can create a much more comfortable atmosphere in the room. It is important to ponder any bathroom remodeling alternatives, because pricing can become an issue.

Proper Lighting

Good lighting to drastically improve the look and feel of any room, including your bathroom. When remodeling, look to see what sort of upgrades can be had with the lighting. This can be a simple fix, but make a world of a difference.

The Importance of Paint

Paint can make the bathroom pop. Painting the room in accordance with other aspects, including the tiles, walls, and countertops can tie the whole room together. You may not necessarily need to spend a lot of money to remodel your bathroom, but careful and diligent planning can make it look like you did. Putting the proper thought and planning into the project can allow for you to create a new looking bathroom at a great price.


Quality countertops can be expensive, but if you budget properly, other elements can be done at a cheap rate. This way you can splurge a little on the countertops and not spend a lot of money on the remodeling project as a whole. Many who remake their bathrooms point to their countertops as their main issues, so if that's the case, replacing them is wise. 

Obviously, these tips only go so far. It ultimately comes down to the craftsman themselves to get the job done right. We are trusted Suffolk County professionals who have the experience necessary to remodel the bathroom of your dreams. We will take all factors into consideration with our bathroom remodeling services. Modernize your bathroom any way you see fit.

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