Professional Skylight Installation

Long Island Home Skylight Contractors

The installation of a skylight for your Long Island home offers some great benefits for the homeowner and their living space. A little natural light can change how your home feels and how it operates. Installing a skylight on your roof is one of the easiest ways to brighten up a living space.

When you add a skylight, you will be adding some useful benefits to your home and life. It is not simply another window. It enhances your home and living space. And if you are planning on adding a new roof, then think about adding a skylight. We can fit and install the skylight with the new roof.

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Skylight Installation Benefits

As mentioned, there are some great benefits when you opt to install a skylight into your roof. So let's take a look at some of these benefits and how adding a skylight can improve your home's space.

Natural Lighting Added

Adding natural lighting to your home is the #1 benefit of installing a skylight into a home. This natural light can infuse some life into any room and is a great way of increasing the amount of light in your home in general. And of course, natural light is sustainable as long as the sun is out.

When a home has standard windows, uneven lighting patterns pop up in some rooms. Skylights can solve this issue, since they introduce light into a specific part of a room and fill that area with a natural light that some windows may not be able to reach. By adding a skylight with its natural light, it can balance the light in a room and offer a new aesthetic that defines your living space.

Improved Ventilation

Skylights can help expel hot air if you install a skylight with a vent. A manual or remote-controlled vented skylight can allow fresh air to circulate in your home. A skylight like this is also great to install into your bathroom, since it can help moisture escape after a shower. You can also use a skylight  in the kitchen to help with the removal of any cooking smells. By having a skylight, you can potentially avoid using a loud exhaust fan. Leaving a more calming environment to cook in.

Save Money on Energy Bills

When you get more natural light, it means you need to use the electric less. And fewer lights in use means more savings in terms of electricity use. Each season brings different circumstances for the skylight to offer benefits. When you install a skylight into your home, it can provide the room with some much-needed solar heating during the cold winter months. And by heating your home with the sun, that means you will be using the oil burner or furnace less. So you can set the thermostat lower and save some money. And in the warmer summer months, the installation of a new skylight can reduce the heating and A/C use. Especially if you buy a vented skylight. A win either way!

Custom Skylight Installation

When you make the decision to add a skylight to your home, you can choose exactly the shape and size you need or want. A larger skylight opens the room out and can make it feel larger due to the new light coming in. And can bring a sense of the outdoors to the living space. Smaller skylights can bring natural lighting into smaller spaces and are perfect for hallways, closets, bathrooms or really any room without a window.

Improve the Resale Value of Home

If and when you want to sell your home, the installation of a skylight will potentially increase the value of it. Skylights create an attractive atmosphere for any room due to the amount of natural light they let it. And many prospective home buyers want that attribute when looking. New home buyers also love saving money, so the skylight making the home more energy efficient is a plus and adds more value to the home.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Another way for the skylight to improve the resale value of your home is the fact that a skylight is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room. It looks great and adds some elegance.

Health Benefits

The installation of a new skylight can actually offer mental health benefits. Natural light is known to improve someone's mood. So when you let in more natural lighting, you are improving the overall feeling of the living space.

And skylights can help people feel more connected to the outdoors. Especially with vented models, since you can open them and circulate fresh ai and improve the air quality. And increased light increases your vitamin B and D levels, too.

Limits Mold Growth

When you install a new skylight, you also add the ability to stop mold and fungus growth in the home. The natural lighting makes sure some potential mold growth doesn't happen. And with vented skylights, you make sure the air circulation doesn't lead to stale air, which promotes mold growth. So your overall personal health benefits from it.


Windows are the more common way to add natural lighting into the home. However, when you have a lot of windows you might lose your sense of privacy. With the installation of a skylight, you can have the natural lighting and keep your privacy. The best of both worlds!