Why Consider Wood Deck Building

Long Island Contractors for Building Wood Decks

Adding a deck to your home is a great addition to your living space. A deck provides a spot for grilling, parties, or simply taking some time to relax outside. And there are many different types of materials you can choose for the deck. At Straight-Line, we can build a quality wood deck at a price that can fit your budget. If you are interested in adding a wood deck to your home, please reach out to Straight-Line Construction today. Located in St James, we offer our deck building services for homeowners across Long Island. And we do also build decks out of other materials. So you have the choice of selecting the type of material you want for the deck.

There are plenty of great reasons why wood should be at the top of the list when it comes to building a new deck for your home. Let's take a look at those reasons.

The Beauty of Wood

Wood is arguably the most beautiful of the deck building materials. Of course, beauty is in the eye of beholder, but wood is a timeless material that comes in many varieties and will always make for a gorgeous deck. Wood is a classic choice that is elegant looking and will give your deck a natural look over the artificial looks of composite and plastic decks. And we can stain wood to make sure it lasts for years to come.

Deck Building With Wood Is Affordable

With all its elegance and beauty, a wood deck is also an affordable option. Of course, the cost of the deck depends on what customization, scale and the type of wood you want. But on the whole, wood is one of the most affordable options.

Long-Lasting Deck

We have all heard horror stories about a deteriorating wooden deck. But a lot of that likely falls on the deck contractor. When you turn to Straight-Line Construction, that is not a worry. We will use high-quality, weather-resistant lumber for the deck. And once we complete the build, we will professionally seal the wood. When a wooden deck is well-built, it can last upwards of 25-50 years. Of course this also depends on the maintenance the homeowners put into the deck as well.

Wood Works Great in All Weather

Wood, when treated and maintained correctly, it can stand up to snow, rain, ice and hail. Many people tend to shy away from wood because they think that it might not work well in bad weather, but that is mostly incorrect. Wood is a great material to use in all types of weather conditions and will function great.


Wood is affordable and easy to install. And it is also to repair. Wood decks are strong, but if not maintained well then some damage can occur. Poor sealing, wet leaves left on the wood, or storms can also lead to circumstances that need repair. Wood is quick and easy to repair, since in most cases you can simply take out or cut the parts that need replacing. So no major repair work will be needed, just replacing the damaged parts. Making the job simple and easy.

Simple Customization

One of the great things about using wood to build a deck is how simple and easy it is to customize. It is easy to work with and not difficult to make wood match the dimensions you want. So you can design the custom deck of your dreams with Straight-Line Construction of Long Island! From certain patterns, to shelves, and railing designs, wood makes for great customization. Most materials do not have the flexibility that wood provides.

Compliments the Natural Surroundings

When you use plastic or composite materials to build the deck, then it likely sticks out like a sore thumb. Whereas a wood deck fits its natural setting a lot nice. And makes as though your property is part of the great outdoors. And you can stain wood so that it has the natural tones of your surrounding property.