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A basement renovation comes with many great features and benefits with one such benefit being the ability to soundproof it. Perhaps you want to turn your basement into an office space. So limiting the sound allows for less noise and better concentration at work. Or perhaps you want it to be a movie room, so soundproofing it allows for a better movie experience. Whatever the reason, keeping the sound out is a worthy consideration of any basement renovation project.

Reasons You Might Want To Soundproof a Basement

There are a few reasons you may want or need to soundproof a basement. When that need arises, turn to the contractors at Straightline! The most common reason to soundproof a basement is to help create a quiet office space. Having a room to concentrate on your work will make you a more efficient worker. But perhaps you simply want a quiet room for reading or to act as a retreat from the daily noise. Having a space you can count on for being quiet can help with your mental health.

Another really popular reason to soundproof the basement is to stop the noise from the basement infiltrating the rest of the house. That is because loud noises from a home theater, video games, or loud music is coming from the basement. By soundproofing it, the room doesn't disturb the rest of the home.

soundproofed basementLastly, perhaps you are turning the basement into a guest room or want to rent it out. By soundproofing it, you are giving the guests their own private space. And on top of that, you do not have to hear what is going on in the basement, either. Check out more information about the safety for this renovation project. There are certain hurdles we need to keep in mind when undergoing a project like this.

Professional Soundproofing Methods

When you turn to Straightline Construction, you are getting professional soundproofing in your basement that is unmatched on Long Island. Our results speak for themselves. Here are a few of the methods we may employ when renovating a basement. Each situation offers different circumstances. So depending on the various factors, it may differ slightly.

Insulation Installation

The most cost-effective and popular method of sound proofing a basement is to simply install insulation in the floor joists. A floor joists is the ceiling of the basement. For the most part, this is handled during the building of the basement in the first place, as the drywall creates a barrier that absorbs the sound between the main floor and the basement. However, we can improve this method.

Resilient Channel Clips

The next most common method for soundproofing a basement is with the use of resilient channel clips, or RC clips as they are commonly called. We install these on the ceiling and wall joists. Once we do that, we then snap metal furring channels into the RC clips and fasten the drywall to the channels. This will create an air barrier, since we decouple the drywall from the joists. So it allows each side of the wall/ceiling to vibrate independently, which will drastically reduce the sound.

Install a Second Layer of Drywall

This is a more expensive option than the previous two, however the installation of a second layer of drywall is an effective way to reduce and dampen the sound from a basement. Most notably, this second layer can be created specifically for soundproofing, ensuring the quietest basement possible.

Basement Furnishings

Once the basement renovation project is complete, some furnishings can help to absorb the sound. This includes, but is not limited to, carpets, rugs, and fabric window coverings. These furnishings do a great job at softening any reverberations. Of course, carpets, rugs and window coverings are no match for the measures we can talk before and during the construction process. But it is a quick and easy way to help with the soundproofing of a basement. And not for nothing, but decorating the basement is a necessary step. So why don't you make those materials soundproof to help with this cause?

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